After the Colorado flooding, many people are returning to their homes, or what used to be their homes. There are many homes that were picked up during the storm, and moved off of their foundation to another location.

On Tuesday rescue workers were still working on removing stranded citizens from the flooding. They are still some that are stranded at an estimate of 600 are still stranded on top of their homes.

On another note the state has announced that only 6 have been confirmed dead since the other 2 that were presumed to be dead have been found and are with their friends and family.

The community will take a long time to recover after one resident described the even in a breath taking manner.

“It took 79 years to build this place up.”
“and 24 hours to tear it down”.

This shows that the bond that the community had with this place ran deep within side of all of them, and only after the event is over and they can return to their daily lives will they be able to heal. Those who are still stranded will be rescued as soon as they can since the city has brought in more helicopters to aide in the recover and to save as many people as they can.

This shows that it can take only one storm to ruin what a community has taken years to build.


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