CNET is a technology review and news site owned by CBS interactive and it has amazing quality content and is updated regularly. CNET is at every major technology event such as the WWDC and Computex. The website is designed beautifully and has a lot of content show cased. The website however, it is not all perfect. The website has failed when it comes to some other aspects which is known as was purchased by CNET several years back and it has been at the spotlight of hate and frustration by users and that is because the company uses it to distribute programs but they come bundled with malware and malicious programs. This has sparked out rage by many users and give the website a bad reputation however, the content on the website is still very well written and is worth the read but using it to download programs? I would be wary of this.

We have taken the liberty of scoring the website on three tests. The GTMETRIX, Pingdom Speed Test, and VirusTotal.

GTMETRIX: This test checks the website performance according to the PageSpeed score and its Y-Slow speed.

Pingdom Speed Test: This test checks the speed of the website in accordance to their server location, we have chosen Dallas Texas to perform this quick test.

Virus Total: This scans the website for any malicious scripts or content that may infect your computer. This does not check the items of or that domain at all, however it is a good sign that the website its self is safe but it does not guarantee the websites downloads are safe.

Personal Thoughts on CNet!

CNet, is an amazing technology news and review site and I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in getting their daily technology news fed to them. However, if you are downloading programs I would recommend using another website to download them.


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