CloudFlare has announced on their blog, that they have added a new data center in Romania. This new data center tallies as its 37th data center and it is the first one added in the country. From the blog post CloudFlare gives its reasoning as to why they chose Romania.

Romania is geographically situated between Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia, and Ukraine, making it an ideal destination to attract additional Internet traffic throughout much of Eastern Europe. Of course, geographic reality is rarely a mirror of Internet reality. Adding a new point of presence doesn’t automatically mean that traffic from surrounding areas (or even traffic in the very same country) will route to that particular data center. This entirely depends on the interconnection of International carriers with local Internet service providers (ISPs) and large networks like CloudFlare.It is for this precise reason that we place even more emphasis on our interconnection within a particular PoP as opposed to the absolute number of dots we add to our network map. Of course, the combination of the two (expanding wide and deep) is even better, and is why CloudFlare is blazing fast around the world.

CloudFlare has been growing over the past few years and is able to challenge some of the largest CDNs in the industry by offering a free product that works extremely well and improves their own network. They are in the perfect position where they can have thousands of websites using their free CDN to improve their load times and security and in turn are able to gain a lot of valuable knowledge to protect their enterprise level customers.


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