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Clean Out Your Computer Day 2015

Clean Out Your Computer Day 2015

Clean Out Your Computer Day 2015 is an event that is shared among tech companies and the objective is to help you clean out your computer and to improve the performance of your aging machine. Whether your machine has malware, excess registry items or junk files that remain in your downloads folder this day is set aside to educate you and to help you clean out your computer.

Cleaning Out Your Downloads Folder

If you are keen on downloading a lot of programs, images, or other files chances are is your downloads folder is filled with gigabytes worth of stuff that you simply don’t need anymore. To properly clean out your downloads folder go into the folder right click on any empty space and organize by file type.

If the file type is an application delete it instantly. If it falls under any other category such as a .zip or is a folder open it and decide whether you need it or not. If you have images and you wish to keep them, put them into a folder and then you can move them to your pictures folder.

Compressing Images

If you have a lot of pictures in your pictures library, and you want to keep them but don’t want them to take up too much space on your hard drive, compress them. Download Caesium and you are now able to compress hundreds or even thousands of images that are on your hard drive.

Cleaning Out Your Registry and Junk Files

There are a lot of tools out there that can help you clean out your computers junk and registry files. I recommend the following tools some are paid and some are free.

These tools are all ready to help clear out your junk files and registry to improve your performance and increase disc space.

Defragmenting Your Hard Drive

If you are someone who prefers the capacity of a hard drive over the speed on an SSD then you might notice that over time it starts to slow down. The reason for this is Windows is not that intelligent when it comes to placing files and some get lost, causing applications to slow down. Using a tool like Advanced SystemCare or defragmenting your computer can greatly improve your performance.

Checking For Malware

It is good to run a checkup on your computer to remove malware such as trojans, and adware that often clutter computers. These tools will help you remove any potential threats that are on your computer.

Run a full scan with Malwarebytes and let it decide what to do with the malware accordingly.

Installing A New AntivirusSymantec Security Threat Report 2011

If you have an outdated antivirus on your PC, or you simply are not running one it is a good idea to install one to protect you from all the potential threats of the internet. Here is a Symantec security report that shows the increase in malware in 2011, vs 2010 and the difference is even larger today.

I recommend the following antivirus solutions to protect your computer and the part is they are all completely free.



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