Clash Of Clans has made its name almost synonymous with teenagers across the U.S. Chances are is that you know someone who has played the game or has come in contact with it in one way shape or form.But what is the reason behind the game’s success? Was it marketing? Was it dumb luck? Or was it just simply at the right place at the right time.

Why We Keep Playing It

Clash Of Clans came into the market and it was not anything special just another app in the android sphere of apps. However, the game did one thing right and it was the way it was built. The game manages to do a couple of things correctly. It keeps our interest by taking a long time to get upgrades out this keeps us playing because we want to strive for the best fortress. It also keeps us in threat of attack meaning we the player base wants to keep our money and elixir safe from thief’s so we log in every chance we get to check in on it. This keeps us from uninstalling it because it is ever-changing. Finally, the game gives us a sense of community and accomplishment. Everyone wants to have a clan or people to talk to and this sense of community keeps people playing. We want to interact with others and by having a clan we can not only talk with them we are able to aid them and help other progress and this is a key element of keeping your players happy let them interact and feel like they are working for something.

Is Clash Of Clans The Next Flappy Bird?

No the game is not like Flappy Bird. Flappy bird had its success by luck. But there is also not this drive to spend thousands of dollars on a phone that has Clash Of Clans. Who knew for Flappy Bird to become famous was for it to be removed from the app store. However, the game is now done the name that it once had is gone. It is a fad and Clash Of Clans is also a fad that will die out when something else rises to the challenge. But for now it looks like it will last longer than Flappy Bird but it will not be as big. As far as which makes more money that is something of interest but based on the longevity of Clash Of Clans over Flappy Bird it looks like our winner will be Clash Of Clans in terms of ad revenue. Profit will be harder as it is a more expensive game than that of Flappy Bird.


Do you play Clash Of Clans? If so why do you play it and do you like the game or is it becoming stale?


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