ClamWin anti-virus was the worlds first open source anti-virus solution, and it had the potential to be one of the best on the market but the program has had major struggle within recent times because it has little to no exposure from the media, and it has had no real major improvements. Since the program is open source it has open source developers who can give to the program and add improvements however most of the people working on it have no formal training in the field, and they don’t have a reasonable way to add items to their database.


ClamWin has been the anti-virus that had the potential to be big but it failed to win the hearts of programmers and the general populace because why would you use an anti-virus program that has lower detection rates and few real-time protection modules. You wouldn’t and then the issue that no one has really heard of the program so why would anyone want to use this program over Avast, Bit defender, or any other anti-virus on the market. The program has the potential though because anyone can send files to it, anyone could give, and they are willing to work with anyone.


ClamWin anti-virus is a program that you can add to your arsenal of secondary scanners which in turn can lead to a safer computer however it is not recommended to have this as your only,y form of security. ClamWin is a program that could have been big, but it didn’t get the help it needed maybe 2014 will be kinder to the program, but as it stands it can’t survive without any help from the community.


If you are a programmer try to aid the project and see what you can make it do keep in mind that not all ideas are taken, but it being open source means that you could integrate it into your own product, make your own variation, or just aid the community who created it.


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