With CES 2018 right around the corner, HP has released its announcement that includes a next-gen Chromebox and two new Chromebooks for its lineup.

The brand new Chromebox is coming with a 7th-gen Kaby Lake Chipset and an 8th-gen Kaby Lake refresh which together provides greater performance over the original processor. The box comes powered by Chrome OS hand has two memory slots along with 16GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM. It provides an internal storage of 32GB that can be expanded up to 64GB.

The HP Chromebox G2 further offers a 65W/90W external power adapter. It is embraced with a mini form-factor, weighing 1.48lb or 0.67kg, and bears the lightest fitting configuration.

This is a very nice and well built Chrome OS device with the latest Intel chipsets. This device is expected to set the bar higher than previous Chrome OS devices but still keep the price point reasonable. HP seems to have done well on improving performance while not changing the base model too much from the previous version, in addition, we can expect the price point to also be reasonable.

HP said that the new Chromebox will not be officially exhibited in the CES next week. Although the attendants may still get a peek at the device in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

As for the new Chromebook, it is expected to launch in early April but there is no current price to be announced. Additionally, if we receive any further information from HP we will update our story! What are your thoughts on the latest Chromebox?


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