A new feature that Google has dubbed “Android Parallel Tasks” is coming to Chromebook’s in the Chrome OS 64 update. This feature will keep all apps running on your Chromebook even when you are not using any of them, but have kept open. For example, when you are using your Android phone on Facebook:

  1. Hit your home button
  2. Go to another app
  3. It still keeps Facebook open in the background to make it open quickly.

There is a difference though and that is in later versions of Android, Google puts those background apps in a “paused mode” where they use considerably less battery. For Chromebook’s this is not necessary due to longer battery life. To access these running apps use a quick 3-fingered swipe up or down on your trackpad and it will show all running apps.

There was a quick video produced that shows the feature in action for users to avoid any complications that you can watch below.

The Pixelbook is currently running Chrome OS 63 Stable and has the paused-state rule for the background apps. Chrome did check the Parallel Tasks on Acer Chromebook 15 via beta and ‘the difference is significant.’ The report further reads: “Multiple apps run side by side at the same time with no concern for one another. No pauses. No lost data. No bizarre UI.”

This feature is currently in the Chrome OS 64 beta and it is expected to appear in the stable release which currently does not have a release date according to Chrome, the feature may ultimately not be 100% during the update release. Although the “likelihood is high!”

Have you been wanting a feature such as this in your Chromebook? Does this make the Chromebook more optimal and is there anything else you would like to see in Chrome OS 64?


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