No matter what platform you have set your website on, you are going to have to choose a network that is going to make you the most revenue. While Adsense, is king you are still going to need to run one or two different networks alongside it. With so many options, it can be rather difficult to figure out what advertising networks are best, which ones will actually pay you, and what your website is ready for.

As always, you should run Adsense as the primary network on your website as it will generate the most revenue (depending on the niche or nature of the website). Then you will want to choose at least two different advertising networks for your website that you will be able to run in addition to Adsense on your website. You also need to keep in mind that Adsense does not allow you to monetize the content near your games, as there needs to be a space of 150PX between the games and the advertisements.

Popular forums such as TalkArcades consistently have this question brought up asking what the best advertising networks are for your website. This list is rather condensed, but these are what the majority of people will recommend.

  • Copacet
  • EpicGameAds
  • CPMStar

There are other advertising networks that are rather popular, but these three networks are consistently recommended by the majority of the TalkArcades forum members.


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