The CDC has experienced a record number of measles outbreak since measles were eliminated or thought to be eliminated from the United States in 2000.

It is believed that the increase of outbreaks comes from an increase of anti-vaxxers which is a group of people who choose to not vaccinate themselves or their children for their own personal ideas. Some do it because they believe that vaccines are causing autism or other negative side effects while some of them simply don’t care however, it is increasing.

The CDC confirmed 592 measles cases since January 1st to August 29th.

Measles has been or thought to have been eliminated in the United States in 2000 however measles is common in many parts of the world. This comes from parts of the world were people are not vaccinated or not required to. Some parts of the United States don’t even require children to be vaccinated California is an example of such a state.

Many of the parents believe that Autism comes from vaccines due to an increase of the amount of kids with autism relating to the amount of people who are vaccinating. This is a common issue because there is no direct correlation to the two in fact it’s just putting two different pieces of information together and calling it fact. However, there is no relationship that has been found between vaccinating your child and them having autism.

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As you can see from the above video the relationship just simply isn’t there. There is also a common misconception of the chemicals that are found in vaccines such as mercury. Mercury is toxic if in large amounts if you hold an old thermometer and look at the ball underneath you will see a ball of red. That is Mercury and if you were to consume it you could die as it is highly poisonous. However, did you know that there is Mercury in fish? They don’t in fact it is another compound that contains mercury known as Methylmercury. The EPA has an advisory for eating fish that is high in this chemical and you may read more about it here.

Mercury while in small amounts like in a fish is not deadly in fact it really wont effect anything from a biological stand point. This is especially true when it is in a compound like fish but in vaccines it is so miniscule you wont even feel a difference. Thimerosal the chemical that contains Mercury has stopped being used as a preservative in vaccines with the exception of some Flu  vaccines.

Whether you want to vaccinate your children, yourself, your fish, or your food or not you need to realize that the connections made from a poor study done many years ago are no longer prominent or meaningful to us.


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