Facebook being the largest social networking website in the world is always making changes for our benefit or are they?

Facebook Launches Adnetwork Named Atlas

Atlas which was owned by Microsoft several years back was purchased by Facebook. This purchase took place early 2013 and Facebook has not really...

Facebook Malware: Color Change

One of the oldest Facebook scams has been resurrected to haunt the lives of over 10,000 users according to Cheetah Mobile.Facebook color changer is...

Facebook Privacy Lawsuit Limited To 25,000 Complaints

A lawyer who is planning to sue Facebook over privacy allegations has limited complaints to 25,000 after his overwhelming support.Max Schrems the lawyer behind...

People Called 911 Over Facebook Being Down

On August 1st, 2014 an emergency like no other occurred Facebook went down? People were calling the emergency services 911 over Facebook being down which...

Facebook Buys Oculus Rift For 2 Billion

Facebook wants to buy Oculus Rift??? Oculus Rift is a gaming virtual reality headset that was still in its development stages. The project was...

Google Acquires Waze For 1.03 Billion Dollars

Yes it is official that Google has acquired Waze for 1.03 Billion Dollars. This is a very large acquisition for them, and it was...

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