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WordPress is a very powerful platform and we will give you the latest news tips and tricks to keep your WordPress website running smoothly.

WordPress Shopify Plugin

Shopify Drops Support For It’s WordPress Plugin

Shopify has officially dropped support for its WordPress plugin and it has removed it from the WordPress.org Directory. The plugin allowed website owners to...

Yoast SEO 6.0 Changes Character Limits For Meta Descriptions

Yoast's popular WordPress SEO plugin has released its last update of the year (6.0)! The plugin has made a change in-line with Google's recent...

How To Enable CloudFlare’s Cache Everything For WordPress

CloudFlare is a very powerful CDN that is free but doesn't lack in features. It can make your site fly like a rocket and...
Google Analytics

How to Add Google Analytics To WordPress Without Any Plugins

Google Analytics is the defacto standard when it comes to adding analytics to your website. That being said it can be quite difficult to...
CloudFlare Universal SSL

How To Setup CloudFlare Flexible SSL For WordPress

CloudFlare is an interesting service that offers many performance improvement settings such as its famed Rocket Loader tool. In addition to performance the service is...
Stop WordPress Comment Spam

WordPress Stop Spammers With A Custom Comment Blacklist

WordPress has many built-in tools that can help reduce comment spam but they are rarely used as they require manual intervention. This being said...
BuddyPress Logo

BuddyPress Activity Share Free BuddyPress Plugin

I formally released a very basic but handy BuddyPress plugin over the weekend. The plugin named BuddyPress Activity Share is a very simple plugin...
Limit WordPress HeartBeat

WordPress How To Optimize Heartbeat Without A Plugin

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and a common mantra that you see in the developer community is to optimize the...

WordPress How To Remove Query Strings

Query Strings are little lines of code that follow primarily your CSS and JS resources they look like this ?ver=1.1 (the only important part...
AddThis WordPress Plugin

The 7 Slowest WordPress Sharing Plugins

AddThis   In a report by WP Rocket, AddThis added an additional 1.22-1.28 seconds on a websites load time and increased the overall page size by...

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