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alibaba cloud

Alibaba Cloud Upgrades It’s Artificial Intelligence Platform To ET Brain

Alibaba's cloud computing subsidiary has announced that it has upgraded it's ET to ET Brain. While this may sound like nothing it actually is...

Oppo Opens Its First Retail Store In Shanghai, China

Oppo has officially opened its first offline retail store right in Shanghai China, for the purpose of interacting with both existing and potential customers. The...
Blue Apron

Blue Apron Is Laying Off One Quarter Of It’s Staff

Blue Apron is planning to lay off 25 percent of its current staff according to Bloomberg reports. The layoffs are aimed at the Blue...
The Guardian

The Guardian Abandons Facebook Instant Articles

A common theme is emerging with Facebook Instant articles and the Guardian has just dropped both Facebook's Instant Articles and Apple News. Originally the...

McDonald’s New Ad Wants You To Google Coke

Fast food companies have been acting quite bizarre last week Burger King thought it would be funny to set off Google Home devices by saying...
Time Inc

Time Inc. Is Looking To Purchase Yahoo’s Core Business

Digital media and magazine publisher Time Inc. is rumored to buy Yahoo's core business according to a Bloomberg report. The $1.5 billion publishing company Time...
Times Square

The New York Times Is Testing Pop-Up Ads

The New York Times is one of the latest in a stream of websites that is employing a pop-up advertisement and its encouraging users...
Most Common Game Tags

5 Reasons Your Arcade Website Will Fail

Many people attempt to jump into the arcade industry and they each have their own reasons, many are monetary while others are to play...
Flash Games

Bad SEO Practices For Arcade Websites

There is a common misconception with new arcade site owners that they should start trading links with every website that they can. They are...
Flash Games

How To Fix Broken Flash Games

If you are the owner of an arcade website, then it is likely that you are going to run across a lot of games...

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