Call Of Mini Infinity is a free to play third person shooter available for your Android and IOS devices. The game is played off the popular call of duty series where your goal is to collect new guns and shoot other players. The concept is simple, but it takes a lot of time and effort for you to have all the best gear making it quite challenging.

While some of the gear is unlocked with money the rest of it able to be unlocked simply by you progressing through the game. This makes it to where both free and paying users can have a level playing ground so long as they are both decent at the game.

Some Of The Features Included 

  • Fluid 3D shooting gameplay
  • Thrilling battles
  • Powerful skills to fight off enemies
  • Upgrade armor to gain buffs
  • Command an arsenal of weapons
  • Learn talents to customize the way you fight
  • Cooperate with friends to defeat epic bosses.
  • Create your own guild of friends

The game allows you to play a competitive shooter while on the go making it one of the better free to play games on the Android market place. While the app is far from being the best on the market it sure has brought something interesting to the field that we can respect and it is the fact it gives a sense of community even where it would be hard to find. While most mobile games keep players separate the idea of a guild or clan system makes it far better than most of the other multiplayer games.

If you are looking to join a guild and are fairly new to the game I have created a guild that anyone can join. The name is Everlasting Fate and all members who are looking to join are welcome you are free to do as you please just be respectful at all times to not only the others in the guild but others that you run across in the game.

Download the game here




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