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When it comes to selecting your junior or senior class many highschool students lean away from choosing calculus, because it is more difficult than statistics. However, that might not be the smart choice, and there are ideas and theories behind this.

Colleges Do Prefer Calculus
Colleges prefer it when students take calculus because it is a more difficult class. Generally the students who are not taking any Ap classes and take stats do it because they are lazy. Well doing so will put you further down on the list for acceptance into the university that you choose. Now I understand those who think they can’t do it and take stats instead. However, there are still consequences for doing so. If you can’t take calculus then take a higher level class like AP chemistry, or even AP English. Don’t let that one class dictate your final years.

Take Stats and A Higher Level Class: Colleges want to see difficult classes on their lists such as Calculus. However, they can overlook this if you take more difficult classes such as Ap English. Take an engineering class to make up for it. Do something that will make up for that easy class, don’t let it ruin your chance when it can be an easy fix. Most people just say I will be fine, or it wont matter. However it does matter, and it can affect your chances of getting into college.

Take Both: You don’t see many students who do this, but there are students who take both and this moves them up that list. Colleges want to see people taking those Science, Math, Engineering classes because they are more difficult and the students taking them are rarer in a way. Look at it this way, even if you don’t go into a profession that requires calculus you will still move up that list. Stats you will use in most jobs even in the medical field. Think of it this way more Math and Science classes that you take the better your chances maybe.

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