Bitdefender has worked its way to the top in the antivirus industry by releasing powerful products that work in new ways to learn about your computer so that we will protected even from the newest of threats. Bitdefender has consistently topped the charts with their antivirus suites and they managed to continue that streak with the new Bitdefender Photon which is the code name for their new technology “Photon” which is supposed to analyse your system in real-time and then it will know what it is you use that PC for to protect you against threats as well as anyone else using the product.

Some Of The Features That Photon Introuduced are:

Bitdefender Wallet: This interesting item will save all over your passwords, and integrate into your browser this way you don’t have to save all of your passwords for each browser they are all saved by Bitdefender. They keep it protected by encrypting the passwords as well as any other information that the wallet collects.

Security Report: This report will show you how well Bitdefender has protected you over a certain period whether it is a week, month or even more.

Photon Technology: Now this is the heart and soul behind the program and it is meant to make your system faster and safer but how does it do this? Bitdefender can be a resource hog and can bog down the computer when it has no idea what your computer is about. Well with Photon Bitdefender will analyse your computer and see what kind of protection that it needs such as what you access the most. The process’ running,  the amount of files that are on the drive, and much more. This is what made Bitdefender Smarter than the competition who does not adapt to the system.

Most antivirus companies follow the one size fits all idea, and this simply isn’t true each system needs to be catered to before it can be protected correctly. Bitdefender has always been ontop of antivirus testing which shows that they have the right approach with their software.

ProtectionRepairUsability (1)


As you can see Bitdefender has consistently scored above the competition including other paid products such as McAfee and Kaspersky. However some may doubt the validity of these tests, well I gave a test to Bitdefender Free Antivirus Vs 99 Pieces Of Malware, and it is still the highest scoring software with a solid 91 out of 99 which has beaten the competition including companies such as Symantec and others. If you want to see the malware test given please click here.

Bitdefender has been on top of the antivirus game for a long time, and that is not going to change now. However can other companies continue on the trends that they do for instance we see many companies consistently doing poorly, and this is a major issue if they wish to beat the force that is Bitdefender.

Point Break Down

Usability: 8/10. There is some configuration for those seeking the best security and the program can be intimidating to first time users.

Protection: 10/10. There is no contest Bitdefender has the best protection in the industry and really shows us what an antivirus needs to be.

Repair: 10/10. Bitdefender has never failed to clean up an infected computer or to properly remove the file when detected from our testing.

Value: 8/10.  If you are looking for a paid antivirus solution then this might be the program that you need, but keep in mind that it is a little on the expensive side making it seem a little excessive for some people.



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