Bitdefender‘s new products are released under the code name of photon. This new name comes from their new scanning technology. We are very glad to see these changes, and the new scanning technology should be tested by AV-Test not only did they bring new scanning technology, but there is another nice feature that most of us will use, and that is known as Bitdefender Wallet.
– Faster and better detection rates from scanning. Bitdefender has worked to fully incorporate this new technology. Bitdefender released small pieces of it in the 2013 Total Security, but now the full technology is now integrated into their engines.

– Wallet: Bitdefender has added a similar service to key pass which Bitdefender can store all of your passwords and credentials. Bitdefender will take the passwords from many popular browsers, and encrypt them so that no one can access them. This means that you won’t need any sort of third part service to store your passwords.

– New widget. The little widget that is on your desktop has been completely redone. You have access to your virus scanner, firewall, notifications, and the Bitdefender interface all from their widget.

This new technology does make the program a lot faster than it used to be, but the interface does have issues loading. Not to mention that the new scanning technology is only for people paying for their products, however they might add it to the free version. The idea appears to be on the table, but the free Bitdefender is not a priority as of now.

– Sometimes the program will not update the notifications if you have performed a scan.
– Interface will crash occasionally, and you will need to close it.


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