The Bitdefender 2015 beta has started and you know what that means. Bitdefender is going to allow all beta testers to test the program and report bugs if they find a critical bug they might receive a prize. Bitdefender has done this for several years now, and being the leading antivirus on the market according to protection scores there are some things that they are addressing with this latest change.


Bitdefender 2015 Features

  • Bitdefender’s Performance Tune-Up has been revamped. It now offers a full pack of tools that make your system boot and run faster, and extend your hard drive space by cleaning up clutter.
  • Bitdefender One-click Optimizer is a new feature that frees up disk space, optimizes your browser and repairs broken registries, all in a flash.
  • Bitdefender Safepay™, the secure browser that protects online transactions from fraud, is now integrated with Wallet. It can now automatically fill credit card details in billing fields.
  • Bitdefender Wallet now helps finalize online orders much faster. Besides storing together all User IDs, passwords, and other sensitive information, Wallet now automatically fills in all billing detail fields when making a payment.
  • Bitdefender’s Vulnerability Scanner now spots risks in your apps much faster, and offers quick links for updating the exposed programs.
  • Bitdefender Parental Control discreetly tells you what your children are doing online, and also allows you limit their activity. It’s now faster, lighter and quickly marks even the newest privacy risk, because it is now exclusively connected to the Cloud.

These are the new features and changes that were made to the antivirus suite with the newest edition of Bitdefender. The user interface is also being redone to have a crisper and cleaner look as you can see in the picture above. Bitdefender has had a nice history of changes when it comes to its antivirus suite and we are glad to see it at the forefront of antivirus solutions. The issue is, how long will it stay at the top you can only hold the title so long before someone comes to knock you down. 360 Total Security might be the antivirus that knocks them out of place. Maybe Bitdefender will just stay at the top of score charts because no other company has their secrets.

Whatever the reason is, Bitdefender has done an amazing job with the latest update to their Bitdefender product line. The antivirus truly has every security aspect you could want and a lot more with the optimization tools. In this day and age an antivirus can’t just be an antivirus it needs to be an optimization software and a complete security package and with the market rehashing the same thing over and over it is difficult for users to tell what we are looking for. However, the choice is simple if you want a free antivirus 360 Total Security is the way to go and if you want a paid antivirus suite then Bitdefender Total Security is what you should be using.

Have you tried the new Bitdefender beta? Are there any features that you would like for them to add in a future release if so comment below!


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