Bing has added a new filter for its UK users about illegal images that they are searching for. This has been seen with images that show child abuse. This change has occurred after the UK has asked for search engines to start filter out content which is include child abuse, exploitation, and other keywords to be filtered. When this pop-up is shown the reader will not be able to continue to their content and are asked to visit the so that they can receive help.

Microsoft is in the process of trying to filter out as much of this offensive content that they can however will it work?

The issue with this plan is that they cant filter out or stop users that are using a VPN or proxy service which would hide their IP. They could make it appear that they are in another country thus rendering this defense system useless now the advantage to this is that most people don’t know what a VPN/Proxy service is. Therefore,they can crackdown on a decent amount of  people who are looking for this content.

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How Does Microsoft Know What Terms To Block?
Microsoft is using a list of keywords that is given to them by The Child Protection And Exploitation Centre. They are in charge of monitoring the keywords that could lead to child abuse pages and images they do update the list so that Microsoft can receive all of the updates to keep their protection system up to date. This list is meant to block words and their number off sets. Such as people can generally outsmart an engine or filter by changing a letter such as O and will use a 0 to bypass the block and still find the content that they were looking for.Will This Move To The US?
As of now there is no requirement on Microsoft’s side to block such content in the United States however if the government ever asked there is a good chance that  they would comply. Now the UK is the only country that is blocking this type of content however Microsoft might start to branch this blocking to other European nations since they might all agree on this issue. As it stands Microsoft has not stated that they will make this for every country.

What About Google and Yahoo?
Google has been working on this issue for a long time now and has complied with the British Government to put forth more effort to stop the viewing of child abuse, child exploitation. Yahoo is also going to step up its game when it comes to blocking this content but of these 3 companies it looks like Microsoft is actually placing forth the most effort to block the viewing of the content by forcing them to go else where. The disadvantage is that you can get past it really easy. Google and Yahoo block the source of the content to prevent it in their results. Only time will show who is doing the better job, but we will find out soon.


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