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When it comes to choosing locations for advertisements on your website you need to figure out where you should place them and how you should place them to maximize revenue. Below are some quick tips to show you how to place them.


Rules When Placing Advertisements


Always have one advertisement in a readers sight: This means so long as there is content for the reader you should have an advertisement keep in mind that comments are not content and placing ads in the comments looks bad, and can turn readers away.


If you have more than one advertisement keep them small: When you show your readers advertisement you don’t want to have too many large advertisements lets say I have a 160×600 aligned with my text but right below it I have another 160×600 advertisement it might look like you are covering your site with advertisements. However, placing a 300×250 next to the 160×600 will be okay because you are not covering the same amount of space.


Don’t place advertisements right after each other: Lets say I have a 300×250 advertisement I don’t want to place another 300×250 advertisement underneath you will make your site look to advertisement heavy. However, if you have a 468×60 ad unit and you place another to cover the length of the area you are trying to cover, this is okay because the readers pays more attention the length and then they do to the width. So a 728×90 advertisement is not as bad as a 160×600 advertisement because it does not take up the same length.


Don’t place too many advertisements in your content: This is a no brainer for us having too many advertisements within your content as a publisher you need to focus more on your content and not your advertisements being clicked. Now placing advertisements in your content is not bad but placing too many will distract the reader from your content and overall drive your site value down because the likely hood of them sharing your content has now gone down.


Don’t place too many advertisements on your page: Now this does not necessarily mean the amount of ads but the area of space that those ads take up. So lets say I place one 300×250 advertisement well you can place one 150×150 and a 150×100 and take up the same space.


Don’t use pop-up advertisements: Pop-up advertisements might seem like a good idea because of their very high CPC but they are arguably the most harmful advertisement type for your website. The reason is the user doesn’t know they are there until it is too late, and sometimes they never see them because most browsers now block pop-up advertisements but having an advertisement that the user can’t control nor he/she expects can greatly impact your site.


Don’t use auto playing video ads: The reason for this is because they are annoying and the sudden sound can surprise or scare your potential readers and instead of trying to find the video it will be easier for them to come and hit that back or close button to leave the site than trying to find out where the sound is coming from.


Where To Place Your Advertisements


When it comes to choosing your advertisement location you need to look at the way your site is built are you a single column, double, triple or even more. We are going to assume you have either a single double or triple but if you have more than you will be able to use these tips there as well. We will also assume that your footer section has a minimum of three columns.

For single column blogs you have the disadvantage because your entire space will be covered with your content and placing advertisements in your content will be the best option but there is one place that actually has a great click-through ratio, and it is right in their attention and that is the header. The header of your website is where you will have your site’s logo, or name and generally some space next to it. Believe it or not that is where most people look when they visit a site because most people teat a website as a book top to bottom left to right it is a very interesting thing to watch as someone scans down a website to find the content that they want. The next place that you will want to place an advertisement is somewhere near the top of your post that way they will again see that advertisement right below the headline or image which draws their attention. Then you will want an advertisement towards the bottom of the post so that when they are done reading and looking for something to do they will see the advertisement consider it interesting and if so then they will click on it. When using a single column the best thing to do is place an advertisement where it look natural make it look like it fits don’t make it stand out or your content will not be the main focus any more and the user will no longer be interested in the website.


If you have a two column blog you have the idea layout and here is why. Two column blogs are easy to make responsive and you can fit a, very large advertisement on the sidebar when you keep adding more and more columns you start to lose space for you to place your advertisements and thus have lower revenue. But for here it is recommended to place the bulk of your advertisements also placing them in the header next to your logo is another great way to make money because visitors will see it right away and therefore you are more likely to have them click on it. The next positions will depend on your layout, but for the sidebar your first section can either be a very large advertisement such as the 300×600 or another widget. The reason that you will want a very large advertisement is because it will take up a lot of space until the reader gets into the content and a large one like this will stretch into the content and therefore you won’t have to worry about placing another advertisement in the sidebar for a while. Meaning you can place an advertisement in your content or at least one towards the bottom of it while still keeping two advertisements in their site. However if you don’t place large advertisement in the first slot then you should focus on placing many small advertisement in your sidebar because you can spread them out more keeping them in your viewers sight but you might lose some CPC because they are less inclined to click an advertisement in the sidebar than ones that are within the content. This is not a reason to be discouraged because smaller advertisements like the 300×250 rectangle has a lot higher CPM because there is a larger inventory for that type of advertisement and companies will compete to look at that advertisement. Then if you are daring place some at the bottom of your comments or at the footer because when someone scrolls to the bottom of the page they are looking for something to do and if they have scrolled past your related posts than and advertisement by draw their attention and give you money because of the CPC value.


Finally if you have a three column blog you are arguably, in the worst place depending on your layout. If you have one side bar on the left, content in the middle, and a right sidebar this is an acceptable one but if you have two sidebars on the right you will have some complications. Lets go over the places for the left middle right layout. Lets assume that your sidebars are now too small to fit the 300×250 advertisement well whats left for you? Quite a bit actually You can use the 160×600 advertisement to your advantage in both layout however it will work a lot better for your left and right sidebar layout. The reason is that a reader will start from the left and read to the right and by placing your advertisements carefully you can in theory have two 160×600 advertisements in their sight . You don’t want to place all your advertisements in your sidebar though find a balance of them and place something in the header next to the logo even a Google custom search can help you bring in some more money. Place one advertisement in your header, one advertisement in your left sidebar and one advertisement in your right sidebar either slightly above or below your advertisement on the left. Now for other ad networks you will want to place one advertisement in your content that corresponds to the opposite location of your sidebar. So if my last side bar advertisement is on the left side place this one on the right to continue their pattern of reading. Do so again as long as you have proper spacing between your advertisements.


Now if you have two right sidebars you don’t want to place any advertisements on the far right sidebar and that is for a good reason, by doing so you will keep your advertisements too far from your content and the reader will not have any interest with it, and they might not even see it or pay no attention to they would have banner blindness to it. So place one advertisement in the header, one in the immediate right sidebar below one widget. You will want some sort of content widget above this to draw their attention over there such as a popular post widget or anything so long as it is on your website and its content. Then place one advertisement in the content so long as it is not at the top keep it towards the bottom of the post to have an escape route for them.


Above is what Google recommends for placing advertisements. This is the Adsense heat map which they have gathered information from a wide arrange of publishers, and this is what they found the darker the orange the better the spot is to place an advertisement.


While some of our tips don’t agree to that of Google this is from what we have managed to study and watch based on human behavior and interaction with different site layout. If you have a website format that is not listed send me a link of it or in one of yours and we will try to provide an article describing where to place your advertisements to maximize revenue.


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