Baidu PC Faster is a PC performance software published by the Chinese internet giant Baidu. PC Faster comes with a lot of built-in features that rival that of Advanced System Care and actually manages to surpass it when it comes to improving your computer’s load time. Baidu PC Faster comes with all the features that you would expect with an optimization software and it comes with free cloud antivirus scanning.

User Interface

The program features a very clean and smooth user interface and the program allows you to change the look of it by downloading new themes for it by clicking on the shirt icon on the top right corner. The user interface is very simple to understand by separating everything into 4 categories. Quick Check will do a basic scan of all junk files, useless programs, and unnecessary startup items. Cleaner allows you to get rid of browser information and remove unnecessary software. Speedup optimizes your computer so it starts up more quickly. Virus scan will perform a quick scan using the Baidu Cloud antivirus engine.


Quick Check: This will scan for all the basic junk that might be ridding your computer. It will check for cache items, browser junk files, system files, and more.

Cleaner: This is where you can fine tune what the program cleans and removes you choose from any of the 4 major categories, Privacy Cleaner, Plugin Cleaner, Software Cleaner, and Large Files Cleaner.

Speedup: This tool allows you optimize your computer’s load time by removing useless start up programs, tasks, and more from running when the computer starts up.

Virus Scan: This will perform a scan on your computer by using the Baidu Cloud Antivirus Engine. Keep in mind that Baidu PC Faster is not a replacement for a full fledged antivirus program but instead offers a second opinion it is very similar to Malwarebytes in this regard.


The Toolbox feature allows you to get add-ons for Baidu PC Faster that can improve the performance of your computer even more.

The following items are included in the Toolbox and are optional for the user.

  • Appstore
  • Baidu Spark Browser
  • Facebook Repair
  • Wifi Hotspot
  • Faster Now
  • Game Faster
  • Large Files Cleaner
  • Disk Defrag
  • Internet Speed Test
  • System Repair
  • File Shredder
  • Win Update

The above features are added to the program when you first click them and they are mostly little quick fix tools but the Disk Defrag and Game Faster are almost a necessity for the average user.


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