Baidu Cleaner is a Windows Tune Up program that was developed by one of the largest Chinese Tech Companies (Baidu). The program is meant to be a one-click solution that then manages its self and on top of that, it is 100% free.

In addition, the program is 100% free now let’s take a look at its features and how it works.

Features In Baidu PC Cleaner

Very similar to the Baidu PC Faster the program looks for standard junk files, privacy items,  it will tune your startup, internet settings, and standard windows settings. Now while this sounds like a lot of nonsense let’s break it down into what it does.

The program will remove junk files that are not required such as extra Windows logs,  temporary files, as well as cache files from programs. Programs routinely download files when they connect to a server because serving them locally is considerably faster. However, the cached files sometimes get too large, and there are too many of them.

The most useful feature I found is the ability to manage and disable startup programs and services. While all of these can be done from Windows it’s considerably easier to have a one-click solution that takes care of all of this.

In addition to the initial scan, the program has a “Clean Genius” section which passively monitors various parts of your computer. For instance, when you go to download a program from and end up getting a bunch of toolbars and other junk bundled with it the program will automatically detect and remove it.

In addition, one thing that is unique in regards to the program is that it keeps its “junk files” database in the cloud meaning your computer no longer needs to download updates to the program just to keep its database up to date. However, the tradeoff is that you need an active internet connection to get the latest updates. Baidu Cleaner seems to be paving the way for cloud-based optimization in this regard.

Does It Actually Help?

Does removing junk files actually improve the load time? Not unless your computer is several years old or has seen an incredible amount of use of the time you have had it. However, removing the startup programs and services it recommends from my experience, does help. It managed to improve my start time dramatically however,  this can be done without the use of this program.

In conclusion, I have found that Baidu Cleaner is an all in one cleaning solution that comes with a slick up to date user interface and a lot of features that are easy to use.

Below is my video review covering the software in greater detail.



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