Baidu has released their newest update to their popular antivirus Baidu Antivirus has released their version 4.8 release candidate for beta testers. This update has caused several issues and has given disappointment to beta testers especially after they look over the patch notes. The program is not growing well enough to survive in the antivirus market as the alternatives are not only performing better, they are growing and improving at a faster rate.

Baidu Antivirus 4.8 Patch Notes

  • Added skin function(support 6 skin)
  • Added traffic monitor function in toolbox

Those are the patch notes for version 4.8? Yes the program has not received a lot of attention from the developers or they are simply not trying to give it the necessary features that it needs. Here is what we believe that they should add to the program.

What They Need To Add

  • Firewall
  • Optimization tools
  • Anti Key logger
  • Decent Antivirus Engine. Whether it is Bitdefender or some other company their engine and the Avira engine is not enough.
  • Auto sand boxing technology.
  • much more

The point is the program is worrying about petty things such as the skins? The toolbox? The core of an antivirus program is to secure the computer and to make it better for the end-user not to apply little empty updates. 360 Total Security has already proven to be a better antivirus in the protection test, it has more features, and it is a better antivirus over all. So why do people continue to use Baidu Antivirus? That is the question that we are fumbling over why is it people are using an antivirus that is worse and is clearly not going to get better any time soon.

If you use Baidu antivirus, why do you use it despite it being worse? Comment with your opinion below.


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