Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) had a bad year failing every single Av-Test and even their Endpoint Security failing in the protection test and only scoring well in the usability and system impact scores. This is due to the fact that Microsoft does not have very strong signatures which is the ability to detect malware without it being registered into the database. In fact Microsoft Security Essentials has some of the worst Zero-day protection scores of any program on the market.


The question remains “Why do people still use the program” that is because the program has the backing from Microsoft so they have that support from a recognizable brand, and because starting with Windows 8 they pre install it on every single computer that way it looks like they have a greater dominance in the market


Microsoft has managed to control this field for a long time but with the rise of anti-virus programs such as Avast, Bitdefender, and other products there has been a slow decrease in the popularity of Microsoft Security Essentials. It may take a while but sooner or later Microsoft Security Essentials will no longer be the most popular product that is on the market maybe Avast will be the most popular product or 360 Internet Security sooner or later we will see people look for better protection that is till free.


Here are some free anti-virus programs that have a better protection score than Microsoft Security Essentials.

Avast Free Antivirus
Bitdefender Free Antivirus
360 Internet Security


Here is a list of paid solutions that score the highest on testing/

Bitdefender Total Security 2014
Norton 360
Avast Premier Security 2014


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