There is a common misconception with new arcade site owners that they should start trading links with every website that they can. They are hoping that the surge in back links will draw traffic to their website but by doing so they are damaging their websites reputation.

Poor Back Links

Google’s web spam team has been cracking down on unnatural back links and on links that are sold through exchanges. A new service that was launched on TalkArcades was a link exchange. While many webmasters are flocking to this service, many of them are not aware of the repercussions that can arise from them doing so.

For instance, let’s say that I find a website that has 20+ links in the footer and is clearly taking part of link spamming, then I can report the website and Google’s spam team would check the website and if they found it to be in violation, it could rank the website lower in Google. If you are a new arcade site you could, in theory, find websites that are violating the system, report them and rise higher in search results. However, doing so could backfire on you as well because you would generate a lot of hate from other webmasters.

No Unique Descriptions

Another common issue that many websites are doing is they use the same auto-submitted description for all their games and while this is the easiest way to start a new website, you are not adding any value to the search engine. It is a good idea to change the descriptions of all your games, so that way Google does not detect your website as duplicate content.

No Social Media Pages

If you have an arcade website and do not have a social media page you are doing something incredibly wrong. While it is a pain to create a new page for a new website it is a habit that people should start getting into. Not just for the sake of getting likes and follows, but it helps establish the website and this could, in theory, improve the Domain Authority of your website.

If you work on creating a unique Arcade website and follow all of the recommended SEO guidelines set by Google you should find yourself ranking slowly, but surely.


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