AVG is the makers of one of the most popular free antivirus programs in the world. While being acquired by Avast the two companies have managed to keep their brands separate while improving upon both of their products. While in an ideal world both products would be the same I look at AVG as it’s own unique SKU. Now, let’s look at AVG PC TuneUp 2019 and see if it’s worth you investing your dollars in or if you’re better off sticking with the free plan.

Quick Highlights & Thoughts

AVG PC TuneUp comes with a very interesting feature set. While many of it’s functionalities can be found in most antivirus programs including 360 Total Security, it gives the impression of being a more complete tool for the job.

The 2019 version of the program has expanded on the need for automation by expanding it’s registry cleaner functionality. The program can now clean out your registry automatically as opposed to making you do it manually which is very handy.

Additionally the program now can determine if you have installed “Bloatware” which is a program you had no intention of installing in the first place but was likely bundled. Think of any downloads from any of the major download sites or old-school Java constantly trying to get you to download the ask toolbar.

It also looks like this year they have added a Software Updater. This type of functionality was included in Avast for a while now but I am glad to see its adoption. PC users are notorious for leaving their programs out of date notably because it’s tedious. Mac devices simply use an App Store while programs from PC are a bit more distributed meaning every program has its own installer and updater. I can’t tell you the number of times I have opened a program such as Notepad ++ or FileZilla and was met with the I need an update screen. Often times if I am in a hurry I simply select no and carry on with what I was doing.


If you’re on the free version bad news you’re basically stuck in read only mode. You can see the problems but it won’t fix them for you without upgrading. Which really is disappointing as some of the functionality can be found in many free antivirus programs.

If you’re on the paid plan though there are a host of features making this an incredibly comprehensive solution.

Sleep Mode: This feature works by taking programs that are running in the background and disabling them if they aren’t being used. This saves on system resources because often times updaters from programs might be running 24/7 even if its for a program you barely ever use.

Browser / Disk Cleanup: This is a staple of any PC optimization tool. This feature can help cleanup temporary files, cached, files, and cookies from your PC. This reduces the space consumed and often times can lead to your browser loading much faster.

Registry Cleaner: The registry cleaner is a staple of any PC optimization program. This system basically looks for orphaned keys that are remnants from say a program you uninstalled or an update that was run. By uninstalling them you can expect a faster boot up time and an overall slightly snappier system.

Automatic Care: While not it’s own feature the program has the ability to perform most of the features autonomously. This means you don’t have to run the scans and cleanup manually you simply forget you have the program running at all.

Updater: The updater functionality will allow you to keep companion programs such as Flash, Java, Adobe Reader, etc updated without needing to run a manual update. This keeps your PC safe and running smooth.

But Are Their Real Performance Gains?

Yes, and no. This is going to depend wildely on your system chances are is if you’re running on an SSD you won’t notice that big of an improvement. If you’re running on an old timey mechanical drive you will notice the snappier boot up times.

Some users, depending on usage have shared their startup time was reduced by nearly 1 minute. This is in part because the program can disable services that are not essential for boot allowing the system to boot only the essentials.

Additionally programs such as Steam or Google Chrome would also expect to see an improvement due to needing to load less data into memory as there is less cached data (as you just erased it all).

Closing Thoughts!

AVG PC TuneUp 2019 is an interesting program. The free version is essentially useless. However, the paid version is an all in one comprehensive suite of tools to keep your PC running smooth.

If you’re running on a newer system any performance gains you would receive will be much less than an older PC running an old HDD. However, program opening time and load times would still expect to see a drop across the board.

While the program does it’s job well it’s had to say if you necessarily should pay $40/year for the program as that is a choice only you can decide!


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