Avg Cleaner is an Android app, that is meant to increase the performance of your phone by deleting unnecessary items such as cache, messages, call logs, and your history. This program is a great utility for some, but a waste to others and I will explain why. If you wish to test the app please refer to the link at the bottom of this post.


Delete Your History: AVG Cleaner allows you to clear your history from your Browser, Downloads, clipboard, and your Google Play Searches.

Cache Cleaning: AVG Cleaner will scan your apps, and give you a breakdown on what apps are using this amount of cache, and it will clear it so your phone is faster.

Call & Messages Clearing: AVG Cleaner allows you to delete messages, call logs, and more. Now the issue with this, is you delete them in bulk so be very careful when doing this, or before doing it back up important messages so you don’t lose the messages.

Why You Should Use This App

If your phone is running slow, it could be a number of things and a large cache might be one of them. AVG Cleaner is one of the most effective tools for cache cleaning that I have seen. The reason that you want to clean your cache, is because it takes up unnecessary space on your phone, and if you don’t use an app too often then that cache sits there. Now clearing cache from an app you use daily or multiple times a day can have negative effects. As your system uses the app it stores information from it in the form of a cache. Then the phone can access this cache or stored information to increase the loading time of your app. Now each has it’s own limit, and apps like Facebook will have a large cache and at the same time, it is pointless because your news feed is constantly changing which leaves useless information from past posts.

Why You Might Not Use The App

The main reason to not use this app, is if you are running another cache cleaner. This app while very efficient does not serve any other purpose besides cleaning your phone. It is also useless if you are using the AVG Mobile Security app because this is the exact same utility that comes from their Mobile Security. There is not other reason to use this if you have a replacement. Now if you don’t have a cache cleaner, and you are looking for something that is light and simple then this is the app you are looking for.

Download the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avg.cleaner


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