Automattic the company behind WordPress, has released a new free open source desktop application users called Calypso for the Mac.

Calypso is meant to act as a desktop version of the user interface one where you can make posts, change themes, and check Jetpack stats all from your desktop computer.

Jeff Chandler from WP Tavern, reports that the desktop version of the application seems to load faster than its website counterpart. It also completely built on JavaScript and the WordPress Rest API. In WordPress 4.4 version 1.0 of the Rest API will be merged into the core meaning that this application will be usable by anyone who updates their WordPress version or simply grabs the Rest API plugin from the WordPress repository.

While there is only a mac version for the program currently, there are plans to make both Windows and Linux versions of the tool that will also be available. If you are looking to join the mailing list to get the latest information on a Windows or Linux release please click this link, and if you are looking to download the application click here.


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