Scott Hartley

Free Website Security Badges

When it comes to website security there are not a lot of options to check your websites security unless you want to drop a couple hundred or even thousand dollars for a decent website scan. However, there are some...

How To Get Past School Wifi Block

You are a student and are trying to access your favorite website, or app and when you go to use it your school probably has it blocked. These settings are placed in by the district and are meant to...

About Me

My name is Scott Hartley I am from Nashville, TN, and love to cover topics related to the latest tech trends, social media, and cars!
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Latest News

7Caps Free On-Screen Caps Lock Indicator Review

Many laptops and keyboards don't come with an indicator for your caps lock key. Num Lock is...
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Are Lithium-Ion Batteries Recyclable?

Electric vehicles are growing every day, and they are certainly going to be the future of automotive technology. However, the cars are...

NASA demonstrates its first all-electric aircraft

NASA has demonstrated it's first all-electric experimental which they have dubbed as the X-57 Maxwell. Its first test flight is going to...

Tesla to launch version three of solar roof tiles on October 25, 2019

Tesla is going to launch a new version of its solar roof tiles line up tomorrow October 25, 2019.

Huawei VR Glass Will Launch This December In China

Huawei will finally be launching its own virtuality reality headset. The device has been dubbed the Huawei VR Glass. This has been...