An Australian man has paid $200 to have a tumor removed from the brain of his 10-year-old goldfish named George.

The owner Pip Joyce, noticed one day that there was a large object on the head of George. He had also noticed that George was not as responsive, was not eating, and was not as entertaining with his fellow fish friends.

The procedure which lasted for about an hour involved the doctor using a tube to keep water running to George’s lungs, using a mild anesthetic to keep the fish calm from moving around and for it to feel little pain and then the process of the doctor removing the tumor. After following through they sewed George back up put him back in his bowl gently. George is eating once again, his strength has returned and he is being his good old self. The doctor has even said that George should live up to be about 30 years old giving him 20 more good years of life.

This is one man who really cares for his pets while we are quickly to throw creatures like George into their watery grave Mr. Joyce saved this little fish and now he can continue to live on for years to come.

Now the next time your kids ask for a goldfish think of George and the joy he has brought to this mans life and what he meant to him. George might be one of a kind but every kid can make their fish a George.


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