ArcheAge the game  that has brought the MMO world to its knees is having issues that are being reported by several players the issue being that players are reporting unauthorized purchases from their Trion Worlds account.

In a mass stream of forum posts, users are reporting that their accounts are being used for unauthorized purchases of $150 founders pack. This is the most expensive pack that will only be obtainable before the game is launched and it is being bought by bots, hackers, and more as a form of investment as users who don’t buy the pack now will have a much harder time down the road. The hackers are basically investing in a product with money that isn’t their own and then will turn around and sell it for much more making not only the $150 but increased value as it gains value.

To protect yourself from this recent stream of hacks it is recommended to make sure you don’t approach any risky websites, have an antivirus program installed, and to keep a strong password. While Trion Worlds has denied that they were hacked or suffering from a database in the event of them not being able to detect this I recommend that all users change their password.

Trion Worlds denies the hack but the issue is users are following basic security protocal and they are being hacked if it was brute force than Trion Worlds should be blocking the attempts if you are receiving a million attempts to crack a password in a short amount of time you are suffering from a brute force attack. Most websites even this one has brute force protection therefore something is not adding up. If all these users visited a dodgy website it has to be a very huge coincidence it would appear that there was some sort of leak or something deeper to the issue and it is recommended that all Trion Worlds account owners change their password.

If your account has been charged make sure you contact Trion World’s Support and they will assist you and refund you if you can prove that you did not purchase the item in question.


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