Antithesis is a skill that is picked up from the vitalism tree and it has a duality to it. The skill is able to function as a damage spell  as well as a heal all depending on who you target. If you are targeted on an enemy and cast the spell it will inflict a certain degree of damage, however if you are targeted on an ally or yourself  you will heal for some damage.

The skill is fairly poor at healing on about a 1.2 mana to hp conversion which means you will basically burn through all of your mana before your health is full.

During the video you can see I perform the skill first then go into my rotation as the skill does a lot of damage this early in the game, however it is not that strong of a heal. Using the skill to kill weaker mobs or to quickly burn them is a necessity for my type of play style. If not I would have to stay back and recover my HP however, due to the poor healing that the skill offers it has proven to be a much stronger attack rather than a heal.

Duality skills can be found in many MMORPGS most of the time with healers but they always skimp in one direction or the other and when it comes to Antithesis you will find that it is infact a better damage spell rather than a healing one.


[iconbox title=”Antithesis” title_align=”right” content_align=”left” align=”left” type=”custom” icon=”” icon_align_to=”box” size=”48″ ]Mana: 56 Cast Time: 2.0 Seconds Range: 0-25 Meters Cooldown: 5 Seconds Magic Attack: 200 Heal (at level 1): 64 Damage (at level 1): ~120 [/iconbox]

The skill also has quite a few combo abilities that can be paired with it that you can read about on the ArcheAge database.

While the skill is quite useful at level one towards end game I don’t see the skill being important for the healing roll or even as a DPS spell. It suffers in both categories to be a focus at level 50 however, for a starting skill you find Antithesis to be quite useful.


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