As it is no surprise IOS 7 was announced at the WWDC and what they claimed as “revolutionary” looks like a knock off from Android. Apple was always behind when it came to software and features. Now it looks like Apple has Borrowed or Stolen Features from Android. I will show you some of the features. Some of these are software related such as Apple Safari, and others are features of the actual phone.

1.On the left we have the IOS 7 Lock Screen, and on the right we have the Android Lock Screen.

Apple reduced the iOS lock screen to a large digital clock, the date, and a  

These two lock screens are nearly identical, and as you will notice Apple has changed the clock on the screen to match that of Androids.

2. Multi Tasking IOS Left Android Right

Like on Android, multitasking on iOS now shows a preview of each running application.

These two multitasking menus look very similar, and one thing I don’t like about IOS 7 is that it labels the apps below with their corresponding images. However, some people will really appreciate this, as it is might be easier than that of the Android labeling.

3. The New Control Center Android Right IOS Left

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This control center is a COMPLETE knockoff from that of the Android. It also looks just like that of Android 4.1.2 on the Samsung GS3.

4. Apple’s Music Interface Is Now Very Similar to that of Androids

Apple changed the color scheme and interface in Music to look an awful lot like Google's Music for Android.

5. Safari Tabs Are Now Very Similar To Google Chrome’s

Safari's tabs are now 3D panels, just like Google's Chrome browser for Android.
This is the one that I feel was done on purpose without a doubt. When you look at the current tabs, and see the difference and then look at Google Chrome, you will see that they are copies of eachother.

6. IOS Calendar Uses Very Similar Color Scheme Just Like The Google Calendar

Like Android's Calendar, the new iOS Calendar uses a bright white background and a pastel color scheme to represent allocated time slots.

7. ICloud Keychain Syncs Just Like Google Chrome

Apple has now developed a sync for all of your passwords so that you wont need to reenter then on your phone.

8. Dynamic Backgrounds

There are now dynamic backgrounds for IOS 7. This attempt of “innovation” was another copy from that of Android. 
9. Automatic Updates
Finally Apple has added the feature for you to automatically update all of your apps, and use the exact same settings as an Android device.
As we can see these are examples of Apple “borrowing” ideas from Google. However, if Apple can sue over the way a phone looks, then Google can sue for blatant attempts of the copying their software.


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