Apple, has started to trademark the name iWatch in many countries such as Taiwan, Mexico, Russia, and Japan. Apple might be developing the iWatch, but they have yet to say anything. Apple is generally not so secretive when it comes to their projects, but I have good reason to believe that Apple is developing the watch. The question is if Apple is developing the watch, why have we not heard anything about it? If Apple is not developing the watch, why bother trade marking the name at all?

Why The Secrecy?
Apple might be acting in secrecy to drive their hype through the roof, and to draw more attention to their products. As we know Apple has been doing poorly in their stock and in sales, so the company needs a new way to sell products to their consumers. Apple has always announced their big named products, whether it is at their WWDC, or during their events. Apple will drive their hype up, but if they don’t deliver, then they will lose a lot of their fan base, and their stock can suffer greatly. Now lets say that this watch does deliver after the mass hype, then Apple will regain a small percentage of their lost market, and will have a stronger hold over the market that they have.

What Will this watch offer?
A smart watch is basically a watch that is meant to control your smartphone. They can also do very simple tasks such as a calendar, clock, and other small applications. However these smart watches are not powerful and won’t offer the ability to surf the web. Maybe in the near future our smart watches will become a little smarter but as of now the expectations for smart watches are very low.

Estimated Price
Smart watches already exist, and sony offers one that is $100 on amazon, and depending on what apple will do, we could expect an “iWatch” to cost anywhere from $150. There is a joke, and it is the Apple Tax, where any Apple product instantly becomes more valuable because it is made Apple. I would suspect the watch to be more expensive than that of an Android watch, but I am never sure when it comes to Apple. Since this is speculation we can’t be quiet sure on what this watch will do or be priced.


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