Apple was ordered by Judge Nathanael Cousins to pay the court $25,000 per day (starting back on December 16). This was put in place because the company failed to provide documents related to the FTC lawsuit against Qualcomm.

To put this in perspective, Apple earns nearly $6,000 per second. Which means this is a very small drop in the bucket for the company, but the ruling was more symbolic than a real fiscal punishment against the tech giant.

Apple now has until December 29th to turn in the documents to the court otherwise the amount will increase and the penalty will continue until the documents are provided.

Spokesperson Josh Rosenstock for Apple said that they will appeal the ruling and that they already provided 2.6 million documents by the December 15th deadline.

He further added that they “are working hard to deliver the millions more which have been requested in an unprecedented time frame.”

In regards to Qualcomm, they are still in talks to be purchased by Broadcom. The deal is worth over $100 billion dollars which will be given in a combination of stocks and cash.

Of course, the one thing we can all hope for is that Apple gets the documents handed over to the court in a timely manner.


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