When it comes to Android Protection, app locking is one of the most important security features that you can have and the reason is that your apps contain important information or some private information. For instance your friend takes your phone and gets into your text messages this is one of the things that you don’t want to happen, and there is no built-in feature other than your password.

Now your password can fail because there are somethings that are wrong if someone is smart and a fast thinker they can track you hitting keys for instance if your password is 123 they can watch when you put it in, and even without seeing the numbers they can get in by remembering the location of the keys.


Well this Android App “App Lock” is an extra layer of protection for your Android device. It has many protection features and ways to make your protection more permanent. For instance they can set the protection to an Administrator so that you can’t remove the app without knowing the password.




Applock: The core of the app, this adds a password to protect your apps and settings from snoopers.


Photo Vault: You can add photos to the same protection of your Apps. This will need a password to see the photo that the person is looking at.


Video Vault: This makes it to where you can protect your videos with a password.


Themes: Install a custom theme for your AppLock app, to make it more unique.


Cover: Make a custom cover for the app to make it look unique.


Profiles: Create custom Profiles that you can lock certain apps for certain people. For instance you have kids and you don’t want them getting into your emails, change to this profile and they wont have a chance.


Time Lock: Lock your apps a certain time for instance at night that way if anyone (wife kids) tries to get into your phone they will be locked out.


Location Lock: Lock your apps when you reach a destination for instance at school to prevent your friends from getting into your apps.


Switch Lock: Protect settings such as wi-fi, blue tooth, mobile data, or auto sync from being changes to prevent over charges.

Background: Give your lock screen a custom background.


Random Keyboard: This will change the order of your keyboard on each log in. This is a must especially if you are near friends or family who snoop.


Hide App Lock: This can hide your app from anyone who is on your phone and can make it to where only certain ways to get access to it. For instance typing in certain numbers on your call app.

You can get these “pro features” for free if you agree to allow ads in your app.


This is a great idea, because your phone will have extra protection, and then be protected from any potential snoopers.

What are your thoughts on app locking? Is it necessary or just another luxury.


Download The App Here


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