Anonymous the infamous internet activist groups has apparently obtained not only the names but the social security numbers of Ferguson Police officers. In an attack code named operation Ferguson the activist group wants to have justice for Michael Brown who was reportedly shot several times by a police officer.

Anonymous claims to have the names and the social security of St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar as well as the information that is believed to be involved with shooting. However the Ferguson police have tweeted at anonymous saying that the name that they had given is not even associated with the particular department. However, Pharaoh an out spoken member of anonymous does not seem to believe their claims. Pharaoh believes that even if the information is true the police would not confirm the name of the officer who shot the child Michael Brown to protect him.

The logic is that if the police don’t want any information to be exposed than they should just announce the killer and come forward with the issue publicly instead of hiding it. Doxing which is the concept of releasing public information is meant to give power back to the people where they will harass the person believed to be the cause of the crime.

Luckily the police have released the name of the officer who was involved in the shooting and he has been identified as Officer Daren Wilson. This came fairly early this morning as they police had their hands tied for if they didn’t release the name an innocent person could have been harassed and threatened. Its a morally wrong tactic, however it has proven to be an effective one.

The issue is escalating with riot like protests taking over much of the city the state police were called in to quell the situation using armored vehicles, rubber bullets, and tons of tears of gas. Michael Brown deserves justice and this is something that has built up from years of police like brutality.

I do not side with either party on the issue for both have their faults and both have stirred a lot of trouble. However, Michael Brown deserves his justice and hopefully from the commotion and the protests he will get that.

Tweet from anonymous announcing the shooter.

NBC News report on Daren Wilson.

What do you think of the rising issues with the Ferguson Police what can be done to quell the situation.


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