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Android Instant Apps Receive Much Needed Update

Android Instant Apps Receive Much Needed Update

Google’s instant Android Apps, a feature which allows you to try apps without needing to download them from the Google Play Store. It’s a cross between a web app and an actual Android app.

However, currently, the instant apps feature didn’t live up top the hype that was given to it at launch. This is because Google has to load support for every possible device which considerably slows down access to the app and wastes space.

Google has now updated its instant app development kit to allow developers to give configurations targeted towards specific device profiles based on a number of factors such as the display, chip architecture, and language. Say you are running a cheaper little Android phone you will not be served large scaled images meant to target the 4k display that you would see on a high-end smartphone.

It also means that developers can target the data by language, meaning if you are using the app in Chinese you won’t need to download an English data file.  Google reckons that this saves an average of 10 percent space, which should translate to faster-loading apps.

In addition say you play a game in instant app, the data now has a better chance to be saved when you go ahead and install the full app. Previously if you weren’t on Android Oreo, you would lose all data when you installed the app (which didn’t make sense).

Now, the real kicker in all of this is this is something that needs to be added during the development process meaning that developers will need to add these into their apps and can’t be done automatically that being said. Those who do will see noticeably improved performance for their users and in that case, everyone wins.


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