While Ebola is a crisis and it can be very scary there is no reason for mass hysteria over it. The disease does not always send the person to their grave and in the United States it has become quite the opposite.

The survival rate for Ebola in the United States has reached a new level of  86% which is much higher than the 70% mortality rate in Africa.

Nina Pham one of the nurses that contracted Ebola while treating a now deceased patient in Texas is on the road to recovery. There is no need for us to go into a state of panic over a disease that we can beat while there is no known cure for Ebola and there is no Vaccine against it there is a higher survival rate in the United States than most nations.

An article from Forbes points out why the disease is scary, but it is also beatable.

There have been reports of Satire based websites using Ebola to scare and make profits from its visitors. If you are looking for news on Ebola only use trusted media outlets and look for a disclaimer that most Satire websites have if you see it then the information is clearly false.


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