America is falling behind in English, math, and technology, according to results from the Organization for Economic Cooperation. According to these releases, America is behind every other developed nation  in these main fields, and the trend looks like it will continue.

You can download the full report here.

They performed test on students and adults from the age of 16-65 and found some disturbing numbers. The literacy rating which is our ability to understand and evaluate written texts is doing very poorly, only 78% of Americans made it into the “level 2 category” which is very poor considering there are 5 levels of the scores.

The decline in American literacy is only one issue because the next report over our score in math is even worse then our literacy rating. This is mainly because high school students are not technically required to take Calculus or even Statistics, which are the higher level math classes that they should be taking.

Yet again America is below the average on this test, and the issue again is we don’t have those who take higher level math classes because they are too difficult for them, and students just don’t see the point in taking the classes.

America needs to realize that it can’t survive on the trends that it is doing, and the new common core that they are trying to pass is not going to work because the schools are underfunded, the students lack interest, and the teachers are not qualified.


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