Alibaba’s cloud computing subsidiary has announced that it has upgraded it’s ET to ET Brain. While this may sound like nothing it actually is a pretty big deal. Alibaba Cloud ET was released back in 2016 and only had a single intelligent capability. After this update, it now has the ability to perform multiple intelligent actions to serve larger and more complex applications.

Back in the previous version launched in 2016, it had integrations that allowed it to process images, speech, human faces, languages and a lot more. In addition, it was the first AI in the world based on a brain like a makeover.

Now in 2017, Alibaba Cloud was able to combine AI techs and large-scale cloud computing capabilities that has resulted in increased learning capabilities of the AI and thus this upgrade was released.

Even better, Alibaba is not going to be stopping here and is actively recruiting other tech companies to work as partners to aid in it’s ET Brain development. Its hope is to expand the brains capabilities to work in other markets such as finance, retail, smart home devices even city planning and development.


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