Alarmy also known as Sleep If U Can is an Android and IOS app that creates an extremely annoying alarm clock that is difficult to disable. If you are like me and have a fluid schedule where you might be working night shift then morning shift every other day you might find it difficult to wake up. Partially because the traditional alarm clock in your phone isn’t effective.

For instance, if you are on an Android device and say you were on a phone call if you fall asleep your alarm won’t actually go off fully. Instead it will start playing a quiet beep the reason for this is its meant to only alert you and not disturb the other caller. The downside is if you unintentionally or intentionally fall asleep on the phone you will not have a proper alarm clock. There is no setting you can tweak or modify to get around this that leads you to Alarmy.


The app is quite effective so much so that it has the honor of being known as the “World’s Most Annoying Alarm App,” or as my 6:00 AM self would say (insert profanity here) app. The app is incredibly effective in that it will wake you up whether you want to be or not.

The app even works if you fall asleep on the phone which whoever is on the other line might not appreciate it but you have things to do. The best part is the app is so annoying that you can’t easily disable it.

To disable the alarm you can do a number of things, such as solving math problems, scanning a QR code, getting up and taking a picture of something such as your TV, toothpaste, whatever you need to make sure you are up. If you work from home why not have it set to your CRM or other admin panel just to make sure you are awake and working.

Additionally you can also go in and increase the complexity of the math problems if you are me you will find yourself barely waking up to look at the math problems and then going back to sleep. If you are like me I recommend doing the QR Code or taking an image.

Alarmy Features

The app is filled with features you can change the app to gradually wake you up, set multiple alarms, have them repeat or disable snooze function all together. Depending on the kind of sleeper the only thing the app won’t do is slap you awake (that is left to your partner if you have one). Just be sure to set the app to give you the most difficult way of disabling it of course you could always remove the battery (sorry IOS users).


As someone who has been having a hard time of adjusting to a proper sleep schedule and waking up on time Alarmy has done exactly what its supposed to do. Be annoying, I mean wake people up the problem with the majority of similar apps is they are mostly reskinned versions of your stock alarm clock. Alarmy thrives on being different and being annoying and I have found it to be both annoying but also incredibly useful.



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