AirSendit is a new app/desktop application that allows you to easily send photos from your mobile device to your desktop pc. The program allows you to backup important images and files without the need to sync them via USB.

Let’s look at the overall feature set and go into why you might need this sort of application.


AirSendit is kind of comparable to BitTorrent Sync for those who remember it’s existence. Your standard features include the following points.

  • Wirelessly send files to your desktop/laptop device.
  • Automatic backup of images & other files for your mobile device.
  • Backup mobile device system files.
  • Receive mobile device notifications on your desktop device.
  • Reply to texts from a desktop device.
  • etc etc

The app is actually incredibly useful let’s say I downloaded a file to my mobile device. I want to have this file on my desktop to read it and possibly edit the file. However, you usually would either need to get a USB cable and transfer it via a cable which is annoying. Or you back it up to say Google Drive and then download it onto your computer.

Both of these methods are tedious and kind of annoying. This is partly because it’s hard to simply beam files to a desktop device. Most desktops don’t have Bluetooth functionality, or NFC, or well anything but WiFi.

How Easy Is It To Work?

It’s actually incredibly easy from my experience, I simply download the two apps and then from there it’s pretty painless. I select the file I want to be transferred and it ends up taking care of the rest. I find that AirSendit is much nicer to my phone’s battery life than other similar apps (looking at your BitTorrent Sync).

What Is The Bad News Though?

As with all things, this setup is far from perfect and there are some annoying issues I have run into.

  • You can’t transfer files to a computer when you’re not on the same network. This is obnoxious because if I am not home, but I need to upload something I have to use the Google Drive route.
  • The app will randomly autostop from time to time and kind of lock up requiring me to start it back up.
  • Some users report issues on older and less powerful devices.

Like with all things AirSendIt isn’t without its faults I find it though to be a fairly effective means of quickly transferring files to a PC that doesn’t require me to connect to it via USB. I wish that Qihoo would look at expanding its functionality so it would work when I wasn’t on the same network as the computer but I am not going to hold my breath.

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