The Aion Broken Hearts Event has started and is back with some changes from its previous version. In case you are unaware, the Broken Hearts event is an event held every year close to Valentines day. The objective is to collect 4 pieces of a heart that spell out the word love. After collecting all the pieces, you will obtain a box that will give you one of various rewards.

Where To Obtain The Hearts


Kromede’s TrialTaloc’s HallowAturam Sky Fortress
Fire TempleAetherogenetics LabAzoturan Fortress
Steel RakeDraupnir CaveAlquimia Research Center
Indratu FortressSulfur Tree NestLeft Wing Chamber
Right Wing ChamberAsteria ChamberChamber of Roah
Krotan ChamberKysis ChamberMiren Chamber
DredgionChantra DredgionAbyssal Splinter
Dark PoetaEsoterraceUdas Temple
Lower Udas TempleBeshmundir TempleTheobomos Lab
Adma StrongholdRaksangElementis Forest
Argent ManorRentus BaseTiamat Stronghold
The HexwayTerath DredgionSatra Treasure Hoard
Danuar MysticariumIdgel Research CenterDanuar Reliquary
Legion’s Danuar MysticariumLegion’s Idgel Research CenterSteel Rose Cargo (Group)
Infinity ShardDanuar SanctuarySteel Rose Quarters (Group)
Kamar BattlefieldLinkgate FoundrySteel Rose Deck
Sauro Supply BaseThe Eternal BastionOphidan Bridge
Illuminary ObeliskInfernal Illuminary ObeliskInfernal Danuar Reliquary


Possible Rewards

[Event] Dragon Lord’s Wing BoxOmega Enchantment Stone
Greater Supplements (Mythic)[Event] Perky Wedding Dress/Tuxedo
[Event] Exotic Wedding Veil[Event] Manastone Bundle
[Event] Protectorate Key BoxDragon’s Medal Box
[Event] Birthday Cake KiskStigma Shards (x2000)
[Event] Ancient Crown BundleAether Cherries (x25)


If you are a veteran of Aion or are wondering what all has changed, login and grab some nice rewards and make sure to spread your wings young Daeva.


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