If you have not already updated to Advanced SystemCare version 8.0 now is the time for you to do so. This newest version comes with a new and simplified user interface and quite a few new features that are sure to improve the performance of your machine even more.

New Features

  • + New User Interface – You can Maximizing UI and customize background picture.
  • + New Performance Monitor – Monitor CPU, motherboard, video card temperature and Fan Speed in Full mode. Newly added screenshot feature.
  • + New Protect Module – Protect your browser homepages, search engine, online surfing as well as reinforce your system.
  • + New Plugin/Toolbar Cleaner – Protect your browser against malicious Plugins/Toolbars.
  • + New Browser Anti-Tracking – Clean privacy traces automatically to protect you from being tracked.
  • + New Software Updater – Always keep your important software up-to-date.
  • + Rebuilt Startup Manager – 1 click to optimize and boost startup speed.
  • + Default Programs Tool – Set your favorite browser, image viewer, video player as default programs in one tab.
  • + Rebuilt Disk Optimization – Added SSD (Solid State Disk) optimization and multi disk defragment.

Iobit has been working on improving the performance of your SSD for a long time and this time they finally have done it right. Those of you who use an SSD know that you can’t defragment it through traditional means and that you should avoid doing it at all. However, the same optimization technology that they have implemented into regular hard rives will now support your SSD. The easiest way to think of it, is imagine that all of your programs are in a line. As you go to load a program the SSD looks through that line and says here it is and then the program will launch. However, why should programs that you rarely use be in the front of that line? All they do is waste your time by being there and make it take longer to launch. This is where SSD optimization comes in, it will look at your programs and organize the line by the order of which you use those programs. Therefore, your most frequently used programs will always boot the fastest.



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