Advanced SystemCare 10 is an all in one PC mechanic that helps breathe life back into your sluggish computer. Your computer slows down with age because of the addition and removal of junk files, a constantly changing registry, and a fragmented hard drive. Not to mention all the tracking cookies, and other potential malware that you have downloaded over the years.

Available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP IObit’s Advanced SystemCare 10 is a lightweight program that installs quickly and keeps your computer healthy. The program has a health monitor that displays at the top right-hand corner of your screen and your indication that your computer is running smoothly is the blue smiley face!

The CleanUp

Once the program is downloaded and installed you will be able to run a system scan by pressing the Scan icon. After selecting all or some of the boxes below the icon and click the scan button the program will begin to scan for junk files, malware, registry junk and more. All of which are meant to improve the security and performance of your computer.

Speed Up

The Speed Up section offers some quick tools to release unnecessary apps and services that are in the background of your PC, keeping your drivers up to date (with the use of another program Driver Booster), and removing unnecessary toolbars and apps from your browsers. While this section can be useful, its primarily a front to get you to download Driver Booster and IObit Uninstaller which while they can both be useful they are not necessary for most computers.

The Toolbox

The toolbox contains a host of useful tools that are able to optimize your computer, fix issues, and provide valuable insight on your computer. There are over 20 different tools in this section all that do their own functions which can help you perform routine tasks as well as deep troubleshooting. For instance, if you have accidentally deleted an important file you can try their undelete tool which can help you retrieve it! What if you need to shred a file so no one can retrieve it then try the File Shredder. There are many tools that can be used in here to aid in the process of managing your computer the only downside is you need to download them all individually and while they are not unique programs it’s still annoying waiting for them to download.

The Action Center

The Action Center is a cross between a promotional stunt as well as a software updater. While it can help you keep your most important security prone programs up to date such as Java, it has a very limited database and will not be able to detect most of the programs on your computer. In addition, it primarily shows off all of the pro versions of their software including IObit Malware Fighter, Driver Booster, Smart Defrag, and IObit Uninstaller all of which take up the majority of the space.

Closing Thoughts

IObit’s Advanced SystemCare 10 is a very powerful tool to help improve the performance of your computer as well as keeping it safe. It acts as both your mechanic and your toolbox for your computer and while it can be annoying with its promotional pop-ups and the use of advertising within its own product, it is still a very valuable tool you should welcome to your PC.


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