Advanced Mobile Care is an Android antivirus and optimization app that comes with many features to keep your device in tip-top shape. Advanced Mobile Care is able to do this by deploying  various amount of tools that scan your device for various junk files removes them and keeps it free of malware.

Advanced Mobile Care is a free and pay to use product it can be free, but it will have some limitations but in no way is this a turn off the app comes with many features that will make it worth your while. For instance, the app has a built-in safe browsing tool that will warn you if you are approaching a potentially malicious website and will block it so your device is not compromised.

Advanced Mobile Security comes with a ton of free features such as..

  • One Tap Scan: This feature allows advanced mobile care to scan your device for unnecessary files such as residual files left over from removed apps. Needless caching which is a collection of saved information from apps. Facebook, for instance, collects all images for the cache which can result in several hundred megabytes worth of caching that you may never eve see again.
  • Game Speeder: This feature works as a task manager that will close all unnecessary apps when you launch a specific one. For instance, if I launch Clash Of Clans the phone will close all unnecessary apps so that way my game runs much smoother and faster.
  • Task Killer: This feature will close all unnecessary apps running to save RAM.
  • Power Erase: This function will scan your phone for more  files that it may no necessarily need.
  • Antivirus: The app offers web protection, as well as app protection.

Advanced Mobile Care has quite a few features that would make the app quite appealing for you to download. Its current rating of 4.5/5 stars on the Google Play Store is well deserved. The app gives you plenty of features that many other antivirus companies charge for. Bitdefender which has another popular free mobile antivirus only offers basic scanning in its antivirus.

360 Mobile Security offers more features, but the user interface may not be to your liking. Not only that but Advanced Mobile Care is one of the few antivirus solutions that offers free website security.


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