Adsense which is the largest ad network in the industry, has also been notorious for being tough on publishers and with very strange entry applications that people have a hard time understanding. Many applicants before they even send in their applications are denied by Adsense, and they don’t know why. However, you can use a free and simple tool to see if Adsense is blocking your site from displaying ads.

The Adsense sandbox is from a website known as which is a very informative Techblog over many Google services. The service they offer is a sandbox that simply will check Adsense to see whether your site has already violated the policy, and if it was blacklisted from Adsense.

Essentially the service works like this. Adsense has a server that says these sites can serve ads. Then the other ones say these sites can’t serve ads, and what the sandbox does is it checks that bad list to see whether or not your site would be eligible to serve ads, and then it checks to see what potential ads would be shown.

For instance lets say you have an illegal downloading site where you give away cracked keys. Adsense might have blocked that site and then when you go to check the ads won’t show simply because Adsense is denying acceptance of that site. So this is a great tool for testing to see whether or not your site has been blacklisted by Adsense, because if it was then you won’t need to submit a pointless application where it will be rejected and not given any reason why.

You can try to fix the issue, but there is no guarantee that even after doing this, that Adsense will accept you. They might not bother checking your site again, and that is because it would be a waste of time for them.

1. Go to your webmaster tools and check to see if there are any alerts if so fix them.

2. Check your site for any illegal content such as downloads, or content that would violate the policy. If your site is about content that violates the policy then there is no real chance of you recovering. For instance alcohol, or adult content is basically an instant no.

Remember to check yourself before you wreck yourself with this free service.


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