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Adsense Review

Adsense Review

Adsense has been the monetization tool for website ever since it was first launched by Google in 2003. Adsense has amassed an impressive amount of over 2 million publishers of all sizes and continues to be one of the highest paying advertising networks on the market. However, while Adsense is the largest and is known as the king of Display Advertising it still manages to fall short in many areas which causes publishers to seek out other options to either supplement or to replace Adsense.

Most publishers will agree that if you lose Adsense you are going to have a much harder time with generating a profit for your website and this is mostly true. Mostly due to the fact that Adsense has extremely strict policies which are used by many other advertising networks. Not only that but it is hard to find an alternative that will pay you as well. Some website find that other ad networks perform better for them. Flash game sites have switched to advertising networks such as Epic Game Ads for it provides a higher CPM than that of Adsense. Some prefer to use the two in conjunction to make a greater profit while both ways works many of the websites doing this are still very low quality.

Adsense has many of the standard IAB ad sizes including the following:

Adsense even has link units that can be added in smaller places to increase your revenue. Depending on where you place these link units you should see an increase in your revenue greatly or not at all. Try placing them in places close to content or close to your navigation for the best performance.

What Is Good: Great payouts, fair revenue share (68%), and easy acceptance.

What Is Bad: There is no support system other than the forums and you can get banned with no chance to put up a fight.

Who Should Use It: Adsense is such a large network that it is worth a shot for you to try and get into it. If you are using a website that violates the terms of service and you try to apply not only are you wasting your own time but that of the contributors. Great for news websites, or blogs tired old topics such as Tech websites are dying out quickly.



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