Google has just recently rolled out a change to their Adsense Text ads. Now the text ads are built more for mobile devices instead of them being as cluttered as before they can now slide and are tabbed.

Users are able to access the website URL simply by sliding the advertisement or by tapping the bubble within the advertisement. This recent change comes after Google is attempting to make Adsense more optimized for mobile. This recent change it meant to improve the look and feel of the advertisement while wanting to drive more engagement with them.

In my opinion this move makes very little sense. However, without any data on the change it is not right whether to say it works or not. Google wants people to engage with the advertisement however, this is not going to be the way. Text units are meant to blend with the content and get their point across quickly while I will admit that the advertisement look much better than they did before the fact remains that the effectiveness is still up in the air.

Adsense has always been the forefront of mobile advertisements being one of the first to implement responsive advertisements and even implement smart advertisements that automatically size to the container that they are in. This change is a welcoming one to show that Google is trying to improve the text advertisements for mobile however, this change doesn’t seem like something to get overly excited for.


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